Sunday, March 1, 2009

March to Gratitude

Hey hey heyyyyy, today is Sunday March 1st, 2009 everyone. I know i slacked for a day : ( sorry guys but it was Saturday lol. I kinda took my lesson for the week and ran with it. I was living my little heart out on Saturday night with my girls Sonia and Shanae lol, leaving me with no voice unfortunately.

Any who today is the first day of a new month, an open door to a new beginning. Its also Sunday so again this blog will be quick. I know you lucky people with jobs have to work and you Lucky students with class, have class lol. Anyway back to today's subject, so my new found blog has brought about so much positive energy from my friends. One in particular caught my attention with a great idea that will keep up the flow of positive energy i am already receiving. My H.E.R.E (h.e.r.e will be discussed in a later blog) brother Angel had an amazing idea. Angel and the rest of my friends are still in New Paltz struggling to keep the positive energy flowing, so he decided to come up with something to remind them of the things they are grateful for. For every day you wake up you must write down something you are grateful for. Once you write it down tape it to your wall at home or in your office. Where ever you are going to see it the most. As the month goes by you will have a good amount of things posted up on the wall reminding you to be positive. At the end of the month you will have a wall full of things that you don't remember to keep in mind on a regular bases. Everyday we lose sight of the things that we should be happy for because of all the negative things that surrounds us. Leading us to focus on the negative all he time, for example you wake up mad because you have to walk in the cold to the train, which is probably a block away. But you never realize how lucky you are to have the legs to actually walk to that train. This project will help us to see a little bit more of the positive in our lives. This project is called MARCH TO GRATITUDE !

So today is March 1, 2009 and i am grateful for my FRIENDS. This morning i woke up in one of my best friends, Sonia's bed with her laying across my legs and like 10 people on the living room floor. The night before was full of monologues, getting buck lol, shots, speeches, a whole lot of pictures and huge burst of laughter till 6 in the morning. The week prior to this i spent everyday writing this blog and mentioning my friends in every posting and then shedding a tear because of their responses. This Friday i spent the day with my friends Delaila and Courtney, talking, napping and laughing. My friends are my family, my happiness, my life....pretty much everything. They are the reason i have made it where i am today and are some of the reason why i am going where I'm going now. Without these suckers i would be lost lol and wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone in this world. They are different in every way and bring out the best in each other and me.

Today i take the time out to be grateful for my FRIENDS, saying i appreciate everything you guys have done for me and I love you more than life itself....

I hope you (the reader) take the time out to try this. It can only lead to positivity and reawaken you to the things we all take for granted everyday.

Laterzzzz sukkaz

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  1. im soooo excited for MARCH TO GRATITUDE...

    March 1 Greatful for MY STRENGTH
    March 2 Greatful for MY MIND.........

    Im soooo cooooollll in life because I get to surround myself with the people who come up with this stuff...