Friday, February 27, 2009

Lesson for the week..

Heyyyy there, today is Friday Feb 27, 2009. FRRRIIIIIIDAAAYYYYYYYY ! ! LOL Not that I'm going to be doing anything crazy today. I am broke and not joking about it lol. But actually I'm going to spend time with my special G3 girlie's, working on those friendship skills i spoke about earlier this week. Today's blog is going to be pretty short. It's Friday and i don't wanna keep you all here for too long. And after yesterdays blog i just wanna keep it simple. Yesterdays blog took soo much out of me. It was amazing for reflection and retrospect and I'm so glad i wrote about that for me and for everyone who read and responded.

Now for today i want to write about a chance i took today. Although its only been a weeks since i started this blog but its been a real eye opener for so many reasons. Today i applied to a International fellows program. Its with a non profit org called International Foundation for Education and Self. They are a non profit that does alot of Humanitarian work in Africa. The program i applied to basically takes recent college graduates to Africa for 9months to work in small communities in Africa teaching in various areas such as education, public health, HIV/AIDS, English as a Second Language (ESL), agricultural development, proposal development, managerial training, feasibility studies, and small business enterprise development. Its sounds like an amazing opportunity to someone with no fears and sure of them self, and they would jump on it.......right?

Well for me maybe last year it would be something i would look at say "cool" and keep it moving. I have never been sure enough of myself to take such chances and not be afraid to just jump and leap. I always heard the saying " you only live once" but i never really understood it, i only took it for face value, it just sounds good. Well today it smacked me in my face and it felt good. I read the opportunity once and said how do i apply. I re-read what i wrote about myself and realized the amount of growth that I've done in the past three weeks with counseling and this blog. It's been less than a month but i feel free, free er than i have every felt before in my life. Being in the state that I'm in right now in my life (the no job thing, home all day) there is no more room for me to be idle. I am growing and learning about myself with every minute of the day, every blog, every session with the shrink lol... It feels sooo good to feel this clear in your mind and heart and letting the positivity guide you. I am so happy..

Any who i applied and sent it the stuff i had ready with all the positivity in my heart and cant wait to see what happens..

My lesson to me for this week is :
Life is about living and i have finally realized that and it feels amazing....

Shout outs:
Justine: You said you always think and never speak....well stop it..Your probably one of the people i listen to the most. You give amazing advice and examples and you are wise beyond your years. I love you speak up dammit ! ! lol

Ayanna: Its been a week in my journey and you started it with me...thank you...
When we walk down that red carpet we are going to look fabuloossssssssssssssssssssssss hunne!!

laterzzzz love


  1. taking a chance. And you already Know I also don't really take chances. We both don't take chances in different ways. However, I am happy that you’re breaking that pattern, I will also try to do the same in my life, it is hard but it is also obtainable. You have so much to offer the people in Africa. Your smart, practical, hardworking and that wit and humor alone you possess can help anyone get through a hard day. You better keep us posted on this opportunity you applied for :0)

  2. this blog brought tears to my eyes this morning!!lol. keep me posted on this fellowship opportunity hun... i love u mama!

  3. Yessss takinggg chancesss...thats what Im allll abouttttt,,,,although taking a chance also means taking a chance and letting go those who dont belong around...but im soooo glad you are really becoming a person of doing and not one who simply says... u know that good ol actions speak louder than words has never lied to us....

    it feels good to look forward to something...

    fingers crossed Africa here we come!!!

    Love ya