Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weaknesses? No way ! !

HEY HEY everyone, today is March 5, 2009 and it is a beautiful day. This entry is coming pretty early than usual. I finished the temp job that was assigned to me yesterday so i didn't have much to do today. I actually had an interview this morning that, i believe, went really when. And if it didn't go well enough to get me the job, it still was a good conversation and allowed me to retrospect on some things.

Well this isn't going to be to long today but i think its a good message and something everyone should think about. So as you all know i graduated and have been having a hard time landing a job. But i have been on a number of interviews and besides the fact that they didn't hire me, lololol, they all had something else in common. On every interview i went to the same questioned was asked, " What do you think some of your weaknesses are?". And honestly early in my interviewing career i would have an answer to that question and name some random things just answer the question, but today was different. The sun was up while i was walking to the train, warming my fat lil cheeks. It warmed me up inside and out. This morning i checked my blog and read all of them over for some reason. It just made me feel so good. So when the lady asked me that question it took me a while to answer, because after reading my blogs, counseling the day before, the reflections i have when reading responses, i really began to see the strength in myself. Even though the questions they always ask is work related, i felt everything i have been through applies to every aspect of my life. After all the things i have dealt with in my 22 years of life and everything I'm doing now, how can i possibly have any weaknesses. I am stronger than most can ever imagine, and have the determination of a crackhead looking for that last quarter to get there fix lmaooooooooo. No but seriously i sat in front of the woman and said " if you think of weaknesses you will have weaknesses, i don't think of them so there for i don't have any.There isn't anything i cant handle or learn...i made it this far and its only the beginning". And she said to me that's a great answer. For me it felt amazing to say that and really actually feel it. I know someone out there knows what i mean by that. We say things everyday just to sound good or make others believe, but when you actually believe it, it feels amazing. And i walked out that interview feeling unstoppable.

I want everyone who reads this blog to stop thinking of weakness, if you never have then great, but if you do than stop. Believe enough in yourself to think better of yourself and the things your capable of. One of my best friends Sonia used to always say to culture shock (best dance family/team in the world) stop saying the word "cant", you can! Just try, practice, and get better!! And today i realized how that should be applied to every aspect of life. Really always give the best you can from you for you and no one else. I always had an issue of comparing myself to others but today was like another awakening moment. I was born to live for me and by comparing myself to others I'm not giving my self a fighting chance. Well this is another pledge to myself to begin the process of not doubting myself and comparing myself to others. It only stunts your growth as a person and i am trying to grow till I'm beyond the stars....

To Sonia:
You are amazing and phenomenal in every sense of the word, great friend, sister and teacher and i am especially proud to have you in my life..i love u punta bean (omg remember that lolol )

To Lori:
I know you want to grow taller than your short 5'6 lol so stop comparing yourself or allowing yourself to be compared to stunts your growth to be the amazing young king u are lol...

March for Gratitude
March 5th, 2009 i am grateful for Danity Kane's second album; for the smile it puts on my face and the memories it created..Also because when i left that interview that was the album playing and it made me feel sooo good ! !

Laterzzz world


  1. that was a great answer to that question.. i hate being ask those strength and weakness questions..i never had a answer myself..Always felt force to say something eventhough it was a lie..i'm gonna use ur response if i ever get asked that question again.. I believe it!

  2. lololol u got jokes. im average height
    and thank you i appreciate it, especially cuz u finally admit that im a king. so i mite just try that..

  3. Its soooo trueeeeee...Its always easy to come down hard on ourselves and just go off on what we CANT do or be so quick to say we CANT do something and not even try. I think its because people are afraid of failing on their first try. Once we realize that its ok not to get it right the first time you will be more willing to give things a shot...I mean not giving yourself a chance is only taking away from opportunities u may not even know you have....BE OK WITH MISTAKES...WRONG DOINGS... at the end they only teach you a lesson...I mean think about this:::after you touch something hot and it burns will you touch it again:: I THINK DARE YOURSELF TO NEVER GIVE UP &&& NEVER HOLD YOURSELF FROM HOLDING BACK!!!!

    smiles and kisses and everything that glistens :)