Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lesson for the week..

Hey hey hey...Today is Sunday March 8th, 2009. I know i know i slacked of completely this weekend. But i did mention before that weekend blogs are unlikely, but my apologies for Fridays missing blog : /. Please forgive me lol. Anyway i want to just say what i learned about myself last week, what is my lesson for the week. After much review and even some situations from the weekend my second life lesson for me is knowing your ability to grow; growth.

This week i looked over my blogs very often. Sometimes i re-read what i write so i can really understand again for myself and reevaluated. And i have realized how much I've grown in such lil time. I am completely amazed at the things i am saying to myself and to whoever is reading. I would of never thought i can get to a point like this one, where i am now. I started this journey because i couldn't anymore, i couldn't live with so much anger in my heart. I wasn't really concerned with growing. I really didn't know if i could. I just wanted to make sure i can let all these things of my chest. I always wanted the quick fix, like counseling for a day or to get things off my chest and then keep it moving. I realized change only changes the face value of your situation. But deep down, whatever it is your running from is still there. Growth allows you to go thru the stages of realization and really over come whatever obstacle it is holding you back and put it behind you. I have realized the growth in myself and my ability to do it. And honestly i never thought i could, i thought angry was something that i was born to live with. But not anymore. Now I'm looking at myself and seeing the actually good person inside. People always want to change this or change that, change there situation. I think we should focus more on growing up and out of our lil situations and becoming the really influential, bright and talented people we are. Take the steps to really believe in yourself enough to give yourself the chance to be a better version of yourself. Don't become idle and get comfortable in nonsense. Now that you can work on growing and learning and that you have the ability to do so. It will only lead to a better, brighter, phenomenal you....

Shout out to Tippies pajama party....ahhhhh i had soo much fun! ! lol

laterzzzzz mundo

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