Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson/ Kityy: LETS WAKE UP PEOPLE

OK i just wanted wake everybody up real quick. I know everyone has seen the news about the actress who just died after falling whiling skiing. She fell hit her head and walked away feeling fine.In the next few hours she was in the hospital and then the next day brain dead. One of my best friends from highschool, lynnese. Her mom said she had a headache then an hour later they were in the hospital with her. She had a stroke, anurism and was also brain dead. They even told her and her sister that there was nothing they can do for her and they had to make a decision. They kept her on and she is now a lil better and slowly responding to things. This happened in the last 2 weeks. I hope these are 2 good examples of how SHORT life is.

Stop taking life or anything or anyone for for real this shit is no joke ! ! You might have someone you love standing next to you one minute and in the next 15 they can be lifeless and your there regreting something you did or didnt do. Learn to live, learn to let go and take chances. If you dont you are early stunting your own growth. Life isnt promised at all and i know this is something we mention everyday and we hear everyday...but for me its came to close with my friend. I know her moms like i call her kat..and Nessey is my love. To hear you tell me the story hurt me like it was my own mom. And again i was smacked with reality and just wanted to smack everyone else with it. Its real people, face it and learn to live, love and laugh with everything in your heart.....


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