Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hopelss Romantic

Hola today is Wednesday December 16,2009. So this has been something honestly I just noticed. Well more like something I try to deny for what reason idk. Maybe because I was being to cynical like everyone else, or being the "broken hearted girl" that didn't want to admit it. So anyway my name is Soleil and I am HOPELESS ROMANTIC!! Lol I just came out to the world. I love Romeo an Juliet, I love hand written letters, the flowers, I love saving the first date movie ticket stub or menu from a restaurant, i love the love songs that make love seem like an unreachable dream.I believe in the union of two people; marriage. I beleive there is some one for everyone, I want a horse draw carriage, I want to be stupid in healthy love lol. And of course i want to be able to do all those things for the person I love in return ( trust I know romance is a 2 way street). I think many people lately have been giving up on love, or the idea of it. Were surrounded everyday by sexual images, divorces, single songs lol ( don't get me wrong I'm single an enjoying it) but I also know that I want a life partner to share my life one day with. Thursday December 17,2009 Yes we do live in a different time where technology runs our lives, but before all that people were sending letters, giving real hugs that included human to human touch. Now we send 2 dots and a smile and the word hug over text message, taking out any type of simple intimacy. People don't even call each other anymore. I can admit being sucked into this new wave of love but I like the old fashioned version. The version where simple touch kept people drawn into each other. I also must admit that I don't easily give affection and show it but I do secretly love affection. I can lay around all day cuddled and hugged up forgetting all ambitions and responsibilities. But the exterior I keep up from past pain keeps me from expressing that, but I have made a promise to myself to be open but cautious. I want to swept of my feet by another..right now I'm doing it myself. I surprise me everyday and fall more in love with me everyday. And for now I'm ok with that. Until I accomplish certain milestones i have for myself I can wait for all that stuff. Cuz I actually want to be able to enjoy it completely and not be worried about love and still trying to focus on my goals. I mean if some amazing person comes along and sweeps me off my feet with all that stuff I ask for hey by all means lol, even small cute things that nice for those cold winter nights lol . But I can wait, I wanna make sure that person gets the best version of me I can offer and a clean slate...


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