Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Acceptance of the Self

Ello Luvs (lol got that from my new British friend lol) Tuesday December 1,2009 another WOW the year is almost over. Looking back it's all a blur but I must say it was great since I'm here breathing and pretty happy about that lol. So today I got to work, sat in my office and someone had already slipped the daily memo under the door. I take it to make copies for my CFW and I found something in the printer. It was labeled "Tips on Developing Self Acceptance". I definitely picked it up and Made a copy for myself. If you read my blog you know self acceptance is an issue I've had. Whether I have stated it boldly or not, if you can read between the lines you know. So for me it was a no brainer to make a copy and post it somewhere in my office.

Honestly i didn't actually sit and read it till I got home. And before this time I was sent a new blog to read by an old friend. She recently decided to start blogging and her first one basically was an introduction to why she was blogging. She was blogging not to heal or see herself grow but to accept herself first, which I must commend her for btw. I'm in the process I guess of healing and accepting at the same time..ok back to the paper. It gave approximately 10 steps or ways to help reach a point of self acceptance, and everyone one I identified with. Some more than others. Most I have already identified myself as having a problem doing, so maybe I'm ahead of the game. This was just a reminder ,maybe even a sign letting me know I'm on the right track...thank you for that...who ever you are..

I am going to share the 10 steps with you all..maybe it can be a guide for people who need to learn to accept themselves but don't know where to start.. here goes...

1. Allow yourself to listen to other peoples opinions and objections without holding grudges and learn to tolerate.

2. Refuse to measure yourself to peoples expectations.

3. Take care of yourself and do not wait for others to do so.

4. Accept compliments from others and believe that they are true.

5. Find the good attractive parts of you. Reassure yourself that you are OK. Focus on the positive about you.

6. Compliment yourself for the task you have accomplished and allow yourself to accept your mistakes and inadequacy.

7. See yourself as a whole person, a gift and of value to yourself, in the eye of others and in the eyes of the creator.

8. Stop picking yourself apart and criticizing. This attitude is going to make you uncomfortable and unhappy.

9. Feel good about yourself. Affirm that you are blessed with good health, a sound mind and physically complete.

10. Let go of wanting approval from others.

I don't know who wrote these steps or who was making a copy of them, but i am thankful for the
vivid reminder of the things i need to work on.
I love reflecting now more than ever..allows me to learn about where i am in my journey..this def helped me do that...I hope it can help some of you readers out there..I'm out for the night...

Shout outs:

Lori: Congrats on the first blog..I'm sure it will be great as long as you keep yourself committed to accepting it...

Buenas Noches world..

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