Friday, June 24, 2011

Epiphany continued (mad late)

Soooo as i promised in February, i came back to explain my epiphany. Yes its been 4 months but dont judge me!!! This is a judge free zone!! Lol . Lord so where do i began. Usually i take my time and explain in detail were my life has been but since im posting from my phone im going to try n keep it breif. Also im hoping that if i do keep it breif some people will get up the nerve to ask the in between questions and spark up some convo. After all, during convo is where i learn the most about mua!! And this is MY transformation right?!

I dont remember if i mentioned befored but last August i turned 24, I was layed off and decided to change my career path! I went from about to register for MSW courses to researching some nursing and emt schools. I ended up taking a 2 1/2 month EMT course and became a certified save ya life chick literally!! Then in January i decided to continue on that path (since i enjoyed it soooo much) and registered to begin taking pre reqs courses to be able to apply to accelerated nursing programs in the state. So i am on a full blown path to becoming Ashley Soleil Rodriguez RN!!! (dont worry ill be gentle hehe) It reads easy but believe its been a long 10 months. Very life changing and full of lessons that i cant wait to explore here on my good ole blog!!

Personally there has been more than what i can even handle going on!! My family is moving to the Bronx (insert gag sound here) ,grams is in a nursing home but doing well, im STILL layed off and its blowing mine lol, and my love life is in shambles ( whats new!!! ). Oh yes and lots and lots of interpersonal growth that i wasnt even ready for. All of that brought me right back here!!

Here where i can openly share my most inner thoughts with who knows and explore them as a type! My blogspot is and has always been the best form of therapy ive ever had in life ( and ive had quite a few lol ). Im just happy to have been able to knock down that writers block n get back to what helps me think clearly!!

Now that i can blog from my phone you will get lots more post from me!! I have sooooooo much to share and question and investigate!! But for now im back to shredding and studying lol

Hasta luego who evers out there!!!

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