Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is Tuesday February 22nd of 2011. Yea its been that long lol. I don't know who reads this but I just want to share with whoever that I have traveled a long road from October (my last post). Ive made some MAJOR decision's , some MAJOR changes. In this year of 2011 I am turing 25 and looking back and forward..I HAVE COME SOOO FAR. I came to a huge epiphany today and over the last week or so. I will go into things deeper later..I have exams to study for but I definitely will come back and release all this positive energy into my blog. I need to, its only right. This blog was created to help me find my happy..shit to basically help me find myself. Its only right...

HASTA LUEGO MUNDO (don't go to far i will be back..i always come back)
; )

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