Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Over the past year i have to say the lesson of acceptance is one that has caused the most pain and joy! I dont really have lots of answers but more so questions for who evers reading to think about! These questions might even help me get an even better understanding. Who knows?!

In love why is it sooooo hard to accept?! Im talkin about accepting the negative and positive, accepting someones or your own feelings, accepting a break up or even a proposal. Why is it so hard for us to accept?! I really have been thinking about this for a while.

I realized in my own experiences that not accepting things has brought me more pain than ever. Ive spent alot of wasted time fighting for something/someone in a relationship plenty of times instead of accepting WHAT IS! I might not want to say wasted time because without those experiences i would of never found myself here writing about acceptance.

Why do we fight WHAT IS?! Why cant we just say okay you know what,our season is up for now and began the process of healing and learning lessons. I have some ideas of my own.

I've thought about confidence. Are we never 100% sure of ourselves to say okay i accept this is over?! Are we not confident enough in ourselves to just simply move on and be okay?! Do we feel the need to hang on to issues because where afraid of being alone?! Were we not born alone? Have we not experienced enough alone time to accept it?! Or Is it the idea that we give "love" to much credit. Ive heard myself and plenty of people around me say "but i love him/her". Umm okay you love him/her and now what does that mean?! How much weight does that hold against WHAT IS?! I believe we use love sometimes as a cruch to keep holdin on to things instead of accepting the love for self and taking that and running. In a conversation with a friend she said this " When being in a relationship it's been very common to lose yourself in that union with the other person. Before them you are you after them it becomes that you have to work on you all over again. You should of stayed you during that relationship Because it would of help prevent not feeling so lost afterwards.Along with this acceptance is the understanding of what Time means. Time does not equate to anything beyond what it was to that relationship. I often hear people myself included at one point say or another say "but I was with him for x amount of years." Ok fine but do you want to be with that person for another x amount of years wasting more time because you fail to ACCEPT that Time with this person is up and that anymore investment made will just add to the demise of your heartbreak". Losing yourself and heartbreak?!?! Is losing a love interest like a death?! Because in the process of healing from a death Acceptance is one of the steps. Are we searching to hard for love in other humans and gettin sooo attached that when its over it feels like death?!

Well let me tell you its not!! You are still breathing!! The more you fight the more it hurts. ACCEPTING WHAT IS, is freedom! Its really easy too. Your not forgetting, giving up or not fighting for what you want. Your allowing yourself to be happy another day. Enjoy the blessings of what was and begin to accept the blessings of what is!! All negativity can go that way ----->. Start loving your self more. Begin to look at love as a cirlce of life. You give you recieve. Ones love can be lost and found again. But if you are still loving yourself you are okay. No one is perfect and the closer you get to accepting that the better you feel.

And this is coming from someone who has always fought, argued, cried for love but i am loving myself now!! Im accepting the me i am and accepting that the universe has it all layed out for me and what will be will be. Dont worry about no one else or how they think. You are whats important. Really think hard about what u were doing before that person. You were surviving! Now continue doing it and take the new lessons with you. You have the right to mourn but u also need to accept.

I recieved a text mesaage this morning that said "A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work." STOP WORRYING, STOP FIGHTING AGAINST IMMOVABLE FORCES!!! its exhausting. This isnt just a love issue only. In all aspects of life acceptance can be a hard time. I moved to the bronx yeaterday and was having a difficult time accepting it!! But guess what i did and i woke up to the birds chirping!! Its all mind over matter! Relax yourself take a deep breathe and say okay ive given my best at the time and now im moving forward n accepting!! Dosnt mean you forgetting anything or losing love your just ACCEPTING WHAT IS!!

Oh yes always use your friends for that cruch if needed!! How can u ever get thru things like this without your friends!!


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