Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I kno the feelin of holdin tears back..this girl was doin it today on the train doing just that and honestly I wanted to give her a hug..weird but whatever...janurary 26,2010 slacking on my mackin...just busy busy peeps... Never really hated gettin my period. I was actually happy cuz that determined one great thing and that was not being with child lol sad but tru hahahahahahah. Now I have come to despise it because the emotional strong hold it has on me wen it does arrive. A week before I get it I have notice d my emotions do a 360. For the past months I have been on a very happy positive streak. Very uplifting and clear and light open heart learning and all that. When that one week comes I turn into pessimistic patty. I feel very depressed, like even me thinkin every positive thought in the world dosnt help at all... I cry as soon as I wake up and an hour later I'm laughing. I have to say it's the most unstable week for me and I need a way to over come it like WTF it's annoying....another thought...people really read the bible on the train...or anywhere for that matter. Like I've tried and it mAkes no sense to me...I think I'm goin to start writing down my memories and put them in a litle box

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