Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How people are built? What is your purpose in life?

So today is Tuesday May 12th, 2009. And as shambled as they have me at work and as shambled as i have myself trying to edit my mini documentary i really feel the need to blog today about something...

Last night i met up with a friend of a friend for a favor. A favor that was more like a wake up call for me. So I'm doing this mini documentary for an independent research i have been doing with my used to be major advisor in college. I wanted to be creative and do something different so i said instead of a freaking book on teen pregnancy i want to do a lil documentary. I mean half of my high school graduating class has kids right now. But for the past few weeks i couldn't get a single chick to sit down for an hour and talk on camera. Everybody was so wishy washy. So thank god Jadine (friend of a friend) was able to do it. And i have met her before and have heard alot about her from my friends Angel and Inez, but of course you don't know everything till you actually sit down with a person. So we start filming and shes answering my questions and what not and as she continues my eyes start to swell up and she cries and keeps going. Her story is amazing. I mean when u hear it, you might be shocked but the fact that she is where she is now is unbelievable. Jading had her son when she was 16 or 17 after she had run away from home because her mom and home life was extremely abusive. She then proceeded to graduate valedictorian of her high school class and continued her education and has become a medical assistant all with her son who is now 4. And let me tell you when that this girl had nothing...i mean nothing and no one. Mother was extremely abusive and didn't help her not once. She worked to pay baby sitters and that's it. She slept in shelters with her son crying that he was cold. Like it has been a rough road for her and she sat in front of me so extremely proud of herself and wanting to do this documentary to make a difference.

She said one thing that inspired this blog and made me reflect again on where i am in my life. She said "it all depends on how you were built, some people can just take it and others just aren't built strong enough". That statement brought tears to my eyes. For her it was about her and her sister. They both endured the same amount of sexual and physical abuse but she took initiative and said no more. Her sister wasn't mentally capable and turned out a very different person.

For me i thought about myself and my situation. Before number 2 there were things in my life that i couldn't understand why they happened to me or why i had to endure them for so long. I even blamed myself for those things. There were times where i really really just layed in my bed and cried and secretly talked to myself (and whatever energy out there listened) and said wtf did i do wrong?

For a long time it seemed to be like a punishment from god or whatever. But not up until the last couple of years did i start realizing the reason. One day ill write a blog about the specific things I'm talking about, but for now ill just say "those things". Those things happening to anyone else would of brought there world down and took over there life. For me its made me extremely strong, so strong that i underestimate how strong i really am. I was built stronger than others and because of that i am built to make a difference. This blog of mine has mad a difference in some peoples lives, my job makes a difference in some children's life, the major i chose was teaching me how to make and understand the difference.

I was watching doctor Oz on Oprah and he was talking about living longer lives. One key thing to living longer was having a purpose to waking up and living everyday in the world. Knowing your purpose gave you a reason and positive energy everyday of your life. And honestly this morning it did make me feel good knowing that i was built strong to endure and learn from experiences and take those lessons and help others. My purpose in life is to make a difference in the life's of those who cant see the strength within are you built and whats your purpose in life?

Whats your purpose out there??

Laterzzz Mundo...

Where the hell is FRIDAY !?!?

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